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We really enjoy all different kinds of projects. Big and small. Don’t hesitate to ask. We turn away a very small percentage of projects that come our way. Once you have accepted our bid and want to work with Uscanuy, then we will work with you to find a mutual time to start the job. Sometimes projects go over-time (we find issues that were unexpected) so we do ask you to be flexible on the start but try to honor all of our clients timelines. Our Lead Contractor will then meet with you and begin work with his crew. As problems arise (or we have some suggested changes), we will contact you and work with you to keep things on track.

We will arrange sub-contractors for various parts of the project, as it makes sense. We vet our sub-contractors thoroughly and we treat them as we would any employee. There is some great talent out there and we like to think we found them!

We often ask for payments along the way to ensure we can pay the material suppliers and our labor on time. Once work is complete, we will send you a final invoice.

And of course we love great feedback on Yelp, Facebook or Nextdoor! If you are able to add something, we really appreciate it. Much of our work comes from word of mouth as you might expect.

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